What makes Environmental Design Group
the community impact people?

It’s about the type of impact’s we make and the kind of people that help us reach those goals.

Since 1984, we have been making a lasting community impact that markedly improves the well-being of people and communities. We stand as a positive force, providing professional planning, environmental design and engineering services to shape, define, utilize, conserve and restore land and water resources.

Impact is an accomplishment – something that comes from acting in harmony with the space and those devoted to the cause.

Our company is built around collaboration, amongst our diverse team of experts. We serve a purpose together, starting with the integration of environmental design professionals who focus on:

Firm Values

  • Collaboration Collaboration

    What do we have but one another? We rely on enduring, gratifying relationships with clients, partners, sub-consultants, suppliers and colleagues.

  • Quality Quality

    Standards, not for when they are easy to uphold, but when they challenge our abilities, our spirit and our resolve.

  • Integrity Integrity

    Nothing matters if our word is not our most solid foundation. We build everything on respect, understanding and communication.

  • Trust Trust

    Clean air is necessary to support life. Honesty, accountability and a positive outlook purifies all.

  • Sustainability Sustainability

    We honor the environment by designing with nature. Respecting local cultures and engaging local people protects what you revere.

  • People People

    Our people must thrive. We nurture their happiness and success with a healthy and rewarding work environment.

Our Mission + Vision

Our Mission

Through the integration of engineering science and design, Environmental Design Group strives to make communities safer, more livable, more sustainable, more beautiful, more useful, more connected and more socially engaging by creating a lasting impact in everything we do.

Our Vision

Environmental Design Group believes every project has the potential to create a positive impact on people and their communities in a way that preserves the natural environment; makes the best use of natural resources; provides a safe and effective infrastructure; and improves the quality of life through environmental design that balances natural and built resources.

Becoming the community impact people.

We are the aspirers, the visionaries, the envelope pushers, the creators and makers, the progressives, and the accomplishers. We are the community impact people.

James Driscoll

We collaborate with our clients to make the greatest community impact.

James Driscoll Contruction Project Engineer
Jill Pfeiffer-Ward, P.E., LEED-AP, CPESC

Culture is simply a shared way of doing something we love.

Jill Pfeiffer-Ward, P.E., LEED-AP, CPESC Project Manager
Ray Flasco, P.E.

Be willing to change, to learn and to grow.

Ray Flasco, P.E. Senior Project Engineer