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Our Services Include:

  • Aerial mapping control
  • ALTA/ACSM land title surveys
  • As-built surveys
  • Boundary surveys
  • Computer mapping
  • Consolidation plats
  • Construction layout
  • Easement and legal document preparation
  • Erosion control plans
  • Geographic information systems
  • Industrial, commercial, residential development surveys
  • Land acquisition
  • Property line surveys
  • Right-of-way plan development
  • Roadway designs
  • Site plans
  • Subdivision designs
  • Topographic surveys
  • Utility inventory mapping
  • Wetland permitting

The Community Impact People.

A bold impact can happen quietly. Since 1984, Environmental Design Group surveyors have provided solid, reliable, cost-effective and comprehensive mapping services. The right people with the best technology combine for versatility and acuity to assess any piece of land.

From topographic survey for trail design, a building site or residential development to creating a boundary survey for zoning, our civil surveyor team applies knowledge with dispatch. Using land-based or aerial scanning, hydrographic or subsurface monitoring or traditional tools, they approach each project through analysis and results-based planning and implementation.

Our surveyor’s knowledge off codes and requirements will guide our client’s through the often, complex path for plan approvals, and provide a timely completion.

In addition to surveying and mapping, we can assist with land acquisition, subdivision, easement preparation and zoning amendments to efficiently and sustainably advance your project.

After all the planning and approvals are in place, we also assist contractors with construction layout from establishing points for machine control to basic stakeout.

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